Health Management

Now, for the first time, you can easily and reliably manage every aspect of your health, as well as receive immediate and useful information and advice. Healthier adapts to your needs by acting as your personal health management assistant.

Medical history

Store your medical history and have it anytime and anywhere with you, instantly available. Share it with anyone you may want to, such as your doctor or a relative. Upload and manage your examinations and/ or your daily health measurements. With the “Brief History” feature, you can have your most basic health information concentrated on a single screen.

Well-being score

The ‘Well-being Score’ index gives you an immediate and comprehensive overview of your health and standpoint. By combining all available data, the index helps you to understand your current situation, and whether or not your activity and daily habits lead to a healthier life, both directly and in the long run.


Manage your medication and get notified when to take the next dose of each drug. Keep also a record of the medicines you receive or have received in the past and any relevant side effects or problems you have experienced.


Adapting to you and your needs, Healthier notifies you of the necessary examinations you should perform and gives you useful tips and information material for the treatment of a possible disease.

Symptoms monitoring

Accurately monitor the symptoms of any illness or disability and keep the relevant information available for future reference or your doctor. You also have the opportunity to monitor the frequency and intensity of conditions such as migraines, hypoglycemia, etc.



Adapted to your needs

Whether you’re just keen to keep yourself healthy, or you have to manage a chronic disease, Healthier adapts to your needs and provides you with the appropriate tools to ensure that you can always have complete control of your health.

Connections with your favorite applications and devices

We connect with a constantly expanding list of applications, devices or wearables so that we can gather the necessary information to effectively support you with minimal effort on your part.

Useful insights

By using simple pictures and diagrams, Healthier helps you have a direct insight into any aspect of your health you care about, identify any malfunctions or risks, and share the necessary information with your doctor.


Sports and Well-Being

Improve your fitness and well-being with regular exercise and track your progress

You can set goals according to your level and achieve them, getting each time one step closer to a healthier life


Healthier is a new project aiming at the development of the first complete, smart, mobile, personal health management assistant. Healthier aspires to help you reach and maintain your health at a better level, by allowing you to easily manage all relevant aspects and information. We aim to give you the power to take your health into your own hands for a more efficient, happier and healthier life for yourself and the ones you love.
To achieve this goal, we have formed a strong team comprised of people with strong academic background in business, innovation and IT. Team members have working experience on international IT projects as well as on projects within the health domain, ensuring we have the skills and tools to deliver a high quality product. The app will be available to the public in 2019 (Android and web versions, iOS version to follow soon after). We are open to partnerships with anyone who shares our vision to create a health management ecosystem for the benefit of our users.


☆   A mobile app for all your everyday health-related needs
☆   Available on Android and web (soon on iOS)
☆   Pilots will be running soon (contact us for more info)



Healthier joins social media networks

Healthier joins social media networks! Since today, we will be able to find us on Facebook and LinkedIn, with Twitter to follow shortly! Visit our page on your favorite social medium to learn our news, get useful updates and tips on the management of your health and well-being, as well as news and events that […]

Meetings with patient associations

Our team is conducting a series of meetings with patient associations to better adapt and constantly improve Healthier app with regards to the provision of specialized solutions to the needs of our users. As members of an ecosystem, our aim is to work closely towards our common goal: healthier and happier lives for each of […]

Healthier joins Orange Grove

It is with great joy and honor that we announce our membership in Orange Grove, the Dutch embassy-supported business incubator. Our team was selected to take part in the next round of Orange Grove and benefit from an over than six-month support and close collaboration with a number of promising Greek startups.